Alex Licano (axlehavoc) wrote in claim_songs,
Alex Licano

Please read metalers!!

Fellow metal listener; I know, that you know that you don’t know me, but I bear an important message. If you love Lamb of God, and their new CD Ashes of the Wake, you are really gonna like this new band from the Midwest. We are a five piece from Springfield, Ohio called Violent By Design. The type of music we play could be considered metalcore, but we have such a diverse sound and differ from most bands you hear today. We’d like to think we are a Prog-Thrash-Metalcore-NuMetal-Death-Doom-Speed-Experimental-JazzFused-Metal Band, but put simply, we are just Metal. Ranging from styles similar to Mastodon, Opeth, Meshuggah, Tool, Slayer and even some older Iron Maiden and Metallica. If you have been a fan of metal long enough you’ll know that it’s on the rise again. Wouldn’t it be kick ass to finally latch on to a couple of your favorite bands and say, “I was there when they weren’t even signed yet!” Well, I appreciate the fact that you’ve read this – so far, and all I ask from you is to check out our website. Sign up for the mailing list if you want to, sign the guestbook and give us comments on the site or at least just go there to give us some hits for the page. This way when we come around and you hear about us, you’ll remember that you visited the site before we got signed. – Keep an eye out, we are recording a demo on October 23rd, 2004 and hope to be signed to RealityEntertainment w/ fellow bands Lyzanxia, and Sybreed from Europe! Come back to the site often to listen to audio clips, coming soon! – PLEASE CHECK IT OUT >> (Hey atleast I asked nicely, B#$@H!) > Pass it On~>
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