Making My Claims..

// Songs //

Unholy Confessions // Avenged Sevenfold
Sugar We're Going Down // Fall Out Boy
I'm Not Ok (I Promise) // My Chemcial Romance
Your So Last Summer // Taking Back Sunday
I'm Content With Losing // Underoath


// Bands //

Fall Out Boy

Thanks :)

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Here are my claims. Thank you in advance. ^^


"Hemisphere" - Maaya Sakamoto
"Believe Me [Japanese Version]" - Melody
"All I Need" - Amerie
"Zips" - T.M Revolution
"Rock Tha Boat" - Aaliyah


Twelve Girls Band

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Hey i'm new, umm the claims list seems to not be working so if these are already claimed just let me know and i'll go for something else!
I Claim
For a Band : Simple Plan

Songs : Just a Kid : Simple Plan
Perfect World: Simple Plan
Shut Up! Shut Up! : Simple Plan
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    Simple Plan : Perfect World

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Maroon 5

Muse//Time Is Running Out
Phantom Planet//California
Maroon 5//The Sun
Nine Inch Nails//Closer
The Smashing Pumpkins//1979

If these have already been claimed, please tell me. The claims list is screwed up.

The claimers go to..

Assuming it's not already claimed.. (Please inform me if it is. x-x;)


And, I doubt these songs are claimed. If they are, though, tell me that also. :(

Hoobastank - Unaffected
Jet - Look What You've Done
The Ruin - June 10th

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Claims list wouldn't show, so...

Bands I Claim:
Jack Off Jill
Dir en Grey

Songs I Claim:
Screaming Infidelities / Dashboard Confessional
Rabiteen / Jack Off Jill
Saku / Dir en Grey
Paper Doll / Kittie
Slut / L'Ame Immortelle